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Order Number: 2017050812 Dist Order # Serial Number: IX-I1L-12643
ID#: 60723 Created By: Steve Hubbard Aerodyne Research
Name: Steve Hubbard Distributor: Aerodyne Research (AR0706)
Phone: 3862830666 Shipping Address 701 Westchester Dr.   Deland, Florida 32724 United States
Fax: Shipping Method: Picked Up Ship when ready
Email: Billing Address: 701 Westchester Dr.   Deland, Florida 32724 United States
Special Instructions:Icon V order - see attached order form.
Red contrast stitching on all black tape and black contrast stitching on all red tape.
Black harness webbing for MLW and up. Red harness webbing for leg straps.
A-Team logo on left ring cover
Cutaway and reserve embroidery same as IX-I2L-12790
Add 6 inches to chest strap.
Code: C1250200499 Qty: 1 Requested Date: 8/1/2017  Icon Pro I1long
Icon Pro I1long
Main Canopy type: Pilot 111 Reserve Canopy type: SmartLPV 135
Risers: Traditional 3 ring
Risers length: 22 inch
hackey sack: black/red
Narrow chest strap
Aerodyne logo on left ring cover: white and black
Aerodyne logo on side walls: (ICONOUTLINE09) black / black / red / yellow
Embroideries (extra charge):
Options (extra charge):
Soft pad reserve handle: red
Skyhook RSL
Semi-Stowless Main Deployment Bag
Wingsuit modification
Assembly and packing
Matching gear bag
Magnetic Riser Covers
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  • Yoke:
  • Main Lift Webbing:
  • Chest Strap:
  • Lumbar:
  • Leg Strap:
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