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Order Number: 201506072 Dist Order # Serial Number: IX-I4-13290
ID#: 47843 Created By: Maria Kambourova Hellenic Skydivers
Name: romain montazel Distributor: Hellenic Skydivers (AR0713)
Phone: +306907333998 Shipping Address ioannou ioannou 2 & e.michali    kalyvia thorikou,  19010 Greece
Fax: Shipping Method: FedEx Ship when ready
Email: Billing Address: ioannou ioannou 2 & e.michali    kalyvia thorikou,  19010 Greece
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Code: C1250201599 Qty: 1 Requested Date: 8/17/2015  Icon Pro I4
Icon Pro I4
Main Canopy type: pilot 150 Reserve Canopy type: smart reserve 150
Risers: Traditional 3 ring
Risers length: 20 inch
hackey sack: gold/black
Reserve lanyard RSL
Aerodyne logo on left ring cover: white and black
Aerodyne logo on side walls: (ICONWINGSUIT09) navy blue and gold
Embroideries (extra charge):
2 ring cover right: color: gold font: Print text: SKYCAPTAIN
Options (extra charge):
Soft pad reserve handle: royal blue
Wingsuit modification
Magnetic Riser Covers
  • Harness Sizing:
  • Yoke:
  • Main Lift Webbing:
  • Chest Strap:
  • Lumbar:
  • Leg Strap:
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