Current Lead Times: Icons 8 - 10 weeks | Canopies 8 - 10 weeks
  Frequently Asked Questions  

Q: Which type of main canopy should I jump?

A: Aerodyne has a wide range of main canopies to choose from. When choosing a main canopy you should consider your experience and your exit weight. But, most importantly, you should decide what type of performance you are looking for.

Nothing can replace professional, expert advice that is based upon first hand knowledge of your current experience, skill level and frame of reference. However, we have prepared a guide to assist you in the process of making the right decision. Please review our canopy selector available on each of the product's page. You will note that Aerodyne has developed a "Planform Factor" to help you evaluate the degree of ellipticity of a canopy to assist you in anticipating the type of performance that the canopy will likely exhibit.

 Q: How should I choose my harness-container system?

 A: First we would always recommend choosing your canopies (main and reserve) first, as these will dictate container size. We then recommend you look for a container that encompasses the latest technology and safety features, along with modern design and construction. Comfort/Fit, aesthetics and available options are also items that will, no doubt, influence your decision.

 Of course our recommendation would be the Icon harness container as it incorporates the latest in safety features, many of which were developed by Aerodyne (i.e. new three ring release system, link-stop panels, high speed reserve deployment system, etc.)  There are many variants and options that allow you to customize your Icon to your exact specifications.

 Q: Which reserve should I choose?

 A: Our Smart reserve comes in many sizes. To choose the correct size, you should consider the same factors as for the main canopy, i.e. experience, skills and exit weight. Please remember that your reserve is emergency equipment intended to save your life, even in adverse conditions. Imagine a situation where all the odds work against you: For example, your reserve has just opened at 500 ft and is flying downwind, while you are still dizzy after a cutaway from a spinning malfunction. We think you will agree it is smart to select a slightly bigger reserve, and not choose the smallest available. Note that we have one unique price for all Smart reserves in order to eliminate cost as a decision factor for reserve canopy size.

 Q: Where can I test jump an Aerodyne product?

 A: Aerodyne has a program in place to assist their distributors in maintaining an available inventory of demo products. We kindly invite you to contact the distributor of your choice and make arrangements for an evaluation jump.

 Q: Do you have some tips how to become a better canopy pilot?

 A: Especially for you, our chief designer Michel Auvray has written an article with numerous tips as well as some background information. Go to Flight recommendations