Current Lead Times: Icons 8 - 10 weeks | Canopies 8 - 10 weeks
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Icon Student standard configuration and available options:

The ICON student harness-container comes standard with:

Innovative reserve freebag: We have designed a line stow retention system, specifically designed to help control reserve deployments at high speeds, while not sacrificing low speed requirements. The skydiving industry agrees that poorly controlled suspension lines can be a major causative factor in hard openings. This technology, formerly found only on high altitude, high-speed military systems is now available to everyone in the Icon.

New “Link-Stop” panels! These small panels, located inside the main container, prevent connector links from wrapping around or catching on the corner of the reserve container. Links that catch the reserve container or are wrapped around this corner, have resulted in anything from line twists and off-heading openings to tearing reserve containers out of rigs!

Cypres ready, the display can be position on the backpad or under the see-through window of the reserve protection flap.

- Heavy Cordura fabric.
- Aerodyne new innovative and patented stainless steel miniforce™ 3-ring system.
- Articulated harness with hip rings and all stainless steel hardware.
- Adjustable harness.
- Elastic bungee between the leg pads, to keep the leg pads in place during freefall maneuvers.
- Standard width chest strap.
- Bottom of container pouch for hand deployed pilot chute.
- Hand deployed pilot chute.
- Main deployment bag.
- Stainless steel reserve ripcord.
- Pillow model cutaway handle with conduit insert for improved  grip.
- Reserve static line (RSL) system.
- Standard width main risers.
- Icon embroidery on right hand 3 ring cover.
- Aerodyne embroideries on side walls.

The following variants are available at no aditional charge:
- Custom colors.

The following options are available at additional charge:

- Manual ripcord activation (BOC or hip position) with spring loaded pilotchute.
- AFF secondary handles for HD or spring loaded pilotchute.
- Direct bag with static line.
- B12 snaps on leg straps.
- Custom embroideries on side walls and left hand 3-ring cover.